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Balneotherapy Karlovy Vary – COMPLEX SPA TREATMENT OF THE Spa Hotel Čajkovskij****

The complex spa treatment contains 2 - 3 spa procedures a day except for Sundays, however, the maximum amount of 17 procedures a week, 2 medical examinations (entrance and final).


Follow-up examinations can be arranged with a physician, according to the patient`s medical condition. The treatment is for people aged six and above. Treatment of children aged 3 - 6 is arranged individually and can be taken only after an expert examination by a pediatrician. In such case, the child will be treated according to a medical report by a pediatrician, with whom we will be happy to arrange an examination upon your arrival. The treatment programme and dates of particular procedures will be provided to the children only after submitting such medical report approving the treatment.

All other spa services (procedures, medical examinations, laboratory test etc.) are not included in the fixed rate of the complex spa treatment and will be charged separately.

Following the entrance medical examination, your doctor will compile an individual treatment programme depending on you current medical condition. Items listed below are usually part of such programme:
1 main procedure a day (Monday to Friday), a bath (thermal, carbon dioxide, pearl etc.), a massage (underwater, classic, reflex etc.),

on Saturdays only baths.

2 minor procedures (Monday to Friday) – peat wraps, paraffin, electrotherapy, magnetotherapy, inhalation etc.
Drinking cure adjusted to your health
Diet plan tailored to your usual eating habits and health problems
Movement therapy (swimming, walking tours etc.)
Lectures on healthy eating in your domestic environment
Selection of accompanying programmes for your free time (culture, sports, excursions, trips etc.)



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