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Endo vaco

The treatment uses different frequency, intensity and polarity. The general effect is analgesic (reduction of pain), neuromuscular (muscle relaxation), reduction of swelling, ease of muscle tension and better nutrition of tissue. It is only applied on the basis of medical prescription.



This treatment with electromagnetic field has a broad spectrum of indications with chronic and acute locomotive system disorders, posttraumatic conditions and blood circulation disorders. The effect only appears after a number of procedures, the magnetotherapy itself does not bring an immediate relief as electrotherapy.


The principle of ultrasound is mechanical undulation and creation of heat deep in the tissue. It relieves pain, eases tension, improves blood circulation and healing processes and absorbes posttraumatic swellings. 

Diadynamic currents

A modern, widespread method of electrotherapy with mostly analgesic effect. A direct,  low-frequency current which is rhytmically interrupetd is applied.

Indications: According to the characteristics of the current, it can be used especially with urgent and subchronic painful post-traumatic and degenerative states of the locomotor system.

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