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Heat treatment

Parafínový zábal rukou

Paraffin hand wrap - „gloves"

Hands are repeatedly dipped into a tub with paraffin with the temperature of 40-42°C, so there appear so-called gloves which stick with the skin and pass pleasant warmth. Joint movement improves and joint pain decreases owing to better blood flow. Apart from the medical effect, paraffin also has a cosmetic effect, the hand skin is soft and smooth.

Peat wrap - parafango

Rašelinový obklad

Peat, which is warmed up, is applied to a certain part of body, it is used for treating locomotive system with analgesic and relaxational effect and also for supporting blood supply to organs, especially liver.

Bio lampa


Simple yet sufficiently effective source of healing biostimulating light working on the principle of polarization of light. The biolamp produces polarized radiation, similar to lasers used in radiation therapy but its radiation is polychromatic with the chromatic component filtered out.

Indications: Skin diseases, faster healing of post-operation scars, spine and joints pain relief, stomatology, cosmetics.

Moor compress

A hyperthermal procedure during which the specific heat of the peloid heated up to 46°C is passed on to the patient's body. The peloid retains a stable temperature, therefore it is a very  gentle procedure which involves slow and extended transfer of heat.

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