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Massage belongs among significant main curative procedures. A massage helps to gently remove callous skin layers, it leads to increased secretion from sweat-glands and improves skin tension. During a massage, superficial blood vessels and the lymphatic system are emptied. In the tissues massaged, the absorption of edema is supported, the nutrition of tissues is improved, the flow of lympha increases, muscle activity improves, painfulness of muscles decreases. Also, the activity of deeply located organs, tissues and endocrine glands improves. Massages also have a positive effect on physical activity.


Underwater massage

Massage of the whole body takes place in water with the temperature between 35-38°C, with jets which are directed to particular parts of the body (upper and lower limbs, back). The complex effect is caused by the comination of warmth, bath water, massage and movement in water and leads to muscle relaxation, better skin and subcutaneous blood flow, stimulation of the lymphatic system, better joint mobility and relief of pain in the locomotive system.

Classical massage

Manual massage with application of oil or emulsion, application of special techniques with effects on particular muscle groups. A part massage of neck and back. During the massage, the tissues massaged are increasingly supplied with blood (skin, subcutis, muscles) and therefore harmful substances are washed away faster. Painful expressions of the locomotive system alleviate or vanish, together with muscle spasms which relax.

Aromatherapy massage

A specialized rehabilitation exercise carried out by a qualified physiotherapist. Its objective is to influence reflex changes which have arisen through pathological processes. The aim should be achieved by manual activity and aromatic essential oils.

Reflexive foot massage *

It is possible to influence patological conditions of particular organs or the whole body system by massaging acupressure points on the sole of the foot. It is suitable for treating acute and chronic problems including pain. It can also be applied preventatively.

* procedures are not included in the complex spa treatment and are to be paid by the patient

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