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Other treatments



The condition of upper and lower respiratory tract gets better through inhalation of microscopical particles of mineral water through nose or mouth. It has a healing effect on mucous membranes suffering from inflammation. Special mineral water called Vincentka is used for inhalations as it is optimal for the respiratory tract.

Machanical lymphatic drainage *

LymfodrenážIt is application of alternating pressure, mostly on legs which are dressed in special sleeves. The goal is to prevent and treat venous and lymphatic edemas, remove the sensation of „heavy feet“ and manifestations of cellulite. Another indication is chronic lymphatic swelling of upper limbs, usually after oncological treatment.

Manual lymphatic drainage *

Manual lymphatic drainage applied by a trained physiotherapist supports and renews lymphatic circulation together with removal of toxic and waste substances. It is suitable for chronic edema of lower limbs including after-effects of oncological treatment or for strengthening lymphatic drain within detoxication.

Oxygenotherapy *

Oxygenotherapy is a regenerating oxygen cure which, when combined with antioxidants, helps the organism to get rid of free radicals whose accumulation is the cause of premature ageing of cells and a number of diseases. Oxygenotherapy improves oxidation of tissues and organs, physical and mental performance, heart activity and elasticity of the lung tissue. 

Dental Irrigation

Gums and the inside of a patient's mouth are washed and massaged with a special device. There have been proved positive effects on the mucous membrane of the gums and the supporting aparatus for the teeth. Among others, it can be used for treating paradentosis.

Indications: According to recommendations of a specialist. 

Dry carboxide baths

Quick resorption of gases through skin and also through clothes.
Skin vessels and later on also deep veins are widened, blood pressure is lowered and neural endings are influenced.

Indications: Heat and vein disorders, hypertension, certain skin diseases. 

* procedures are not included in the complex spa treatment and are to be paid by the patient

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