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VACaVITE Prestige – cavitation with vacuum

Cavitation = painless ultrasound "liposuction", modern and highly effective alternative to surgical liposuction. Anti-cellulite and slimming programme, figure correction, non-invasive and safe ultrasound method particularly suitable to reduce fat deposits. It can rid you of fat deposits and cellulite, results are clearly visible after the first treatment.


VACaVITE Prestige – ultrasound non-invasive cavitaton. For body modeling. The device is combined  with suction for even a better effect of the treatment. The ultrsound penetrates 2 – 3 cm into the dermis (plastic cap level) where it breaks fat cells which are washed away through the lymphatic system of the body. Therefore a lymphatic massage carried out by Green Press 12 device is recommended as a subsequent treatment which has a positive effect on swollen legs and helps to wash harmful substances away from the body.

Vacavite Prestige Device has a second use for treatment of vacuum lypmphatic massage for modeling and massage the whole body including face. (The same as model Green Vacor VAC Prestige).

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