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Gastroenterology, Endoscopy, Proctology, Intestinal procedures

In Gastrocentre you can undergo various examinations or so-called "Check-ups" – tests focused on timely revealing of the initial stage of serious digestive tract disorders. 

Our experienced and friendly nurses will guide you through every medical examination and procedure, they will help the spa guests to compile their relaxation and therapeutic programmes.

Consulting concerning endoscopy free of charge. Translations of endoscopic examinations into Russian or English free of charge.

Complex Gastroenterological examination

  • Consultancy
  • Laboratory tests
  • Abdominal ultrasound
  • Gastroduodenoscopy with diagnosis of Helicobacter pylori (breathing test)
  • Immunological test to determine the presence of blood in stool
  • Colonoscopy

    Gastroduodenoscopy with diagnostics of Helicobacter pylori 

      • Endoscopy – on demand with introduction of painkillers
      • Endoscopy with an ultraslim extension
      • Quality guaranteed by a regional gastroenterology specialist
      • Adjusting the treatment including chages in diet and routine

      Prevention of colorectal cancer 

        • immunological test to detect the presence of blood in stool
        • complete colonoscopic examination / during which analgesics are applied, polyps removed and mucous membrane is examined for presence of cancer

        Laboratory analysis 

          • blood analysis focused on identification of digestive tract disorders
          • blood tests to discover digestive tract disorders
          • hormones
          • laboratory urine analysis


          Optimization of intestinal function, treatment of intestinal dysbiosis

            • Sigmoidoscopy
            • Hydrotherapy
            • colonization of large intestine by bacteria
            • Use of vitamin B


              • Consultancy
              • Anoscopy
              • Determining the method of treatment
              • Treatment of anal fissure with  "Botulotoxin" a "Dilatan"
              • Unique method of treating hemorrhoids

              Gastrotcentre is the only place which uses modern methods of hemorrhoids removal with the "HAL Doppler" device – outpatient treatment within a single appointment.


              Diagnosis and treatment of chronic liver diseases

                • Laboratory examination including immunological tests
                • Adjusting the treatment plan and its initiation
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